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Féile Cloch na Rón Regatta

Saturday 21st July - Sunday 22nd July

Féile Cloch na Rón Regatta

Traditional Sailing Boats Festival displaying unique Irish boats. The Galway Hooker is the traditional boat of Galway built of strong and hardy oak to withstand the rough seas of the Atlantic.

The boats are easily recognised by their strong sharp bow and sides that curve outwards. They have one main sail and two foresails all on a single mast. It’s a gaff-rigged sailing boat meaning the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak by a pole called the gaff.

Traditionally painted black with eye-catching red sails these beautiful boats are something to behold. They have become a much-loved symbol of Galway, something unique to the county.

Gleoiteoga Móra & Beaga Race on Saturday at 3 pm.

Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid Race on Sunday at 3 pm.

More Information on the Galway Hookers Association Facebook Page.

Event Details

Start: Saturday 21st July
End: Sunday 22nd July
Website: https://galwayhookers.ie/

Event Organizer

Organizer: Galway Hookers Association
Phone: +353 83 838 9926
Website: https://galwayhookers.ie/

Event Venue

Venue: Roundstone Connemara
Roundstone, Galway Ireland

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