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Connemara is one of the most scenic regions in Ireland. It’s craggy mountain peaks, expansive sandy beaches and laced network of lakes exemplify the peaceful solitude and rugged beauty of The West of Ireland.

Many visitors come to Ireland to visit the beauty of this area, but are surprised to discover that they may not find it on a map. This is because Connemara is a not an administrative entity like a town or county.

Connemara is the name given to the western portion of County Galway, which lies between Lough Corrib and the Atlantic. The name Connemara name was originally Conmaicnemara, or “the tribe of Cormac by the sea”, given by the ancient Gaelic tribes. It was shortened in the 18th century, to Connemara.

Dominated by the majestic Twelve Bens mountain range, (Na Beanna Beola) dotted with lakes, and fringed by the deeply indented Atlantic coastline. It is broken into innumerable creeks, bays and little harbours, it is one of Ireland’s most popular and memorable touring areas.

Connemara’s unique landscape, varying settlement patterns, and dramatic contrasts of sea, sky, land and bog, have inspired many famous paintings and literary figures over the years.

A large part of the area, sometimes described as lar-Connachta, and stretching along the southern coastal area from Bearna as far as Carna, is Irish-speaking.

Many of the ancient Irish traditions and customs are preserved, and the rich linguistic, musical and folklore heritage attracts the attention of scholars throughout the world..

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